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Graphic Template for iPhone 4

- Designer Sebastiaan de With has updated his iPhone/iPad icon PSD file, adding support for iOS 4 and 114x114px icons.
- Neven Mrgan leverages that file and offers lots of comments and tips for making clear icons using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Tutorials - Kevin Hulsey Technical Illustration

"This page is designed to provide helpful information, samples, lessons and tutorials for university level technical illustration students and professional technical illustrators. Hopefully, you will find the contents of this site to be of assistance in your endeavors. Please feel free to e-mail comments and suggestions so that we may taylor the site to your specific needs."

Technical Illustrator Student Lessons & Tutorials - Kevin Hulsey Technical Illustration

mir DMG: Video Library

Here is a little collection of documents which explain various features of digital video

mir DMG: Video Library

Photoshop CS2 HDR

Everything has limits, and the technical evolution of photography during the past 150 years has largely been about overcoming the craft's limitations. Dynamic range though is one of the limitations that hasn't yielded much over the years to technology's inexorable advances.

Photoshop CS2 HDR

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