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Removing IntelliTxt Ad

To remove the IntelliTxt craps that started to appears on some sites, just look at the source code of the page where the ads appear and block access to the ad domain by editing the windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file.

Here is my current list:


there's another one at

seems to be spreading.

Posted by Smk at 07/15/06 14:28:48
Posted by Me at 12/20/06 12:36:21

for Internet Explorer:
To prevent all of this, just enter the sites in Restricted Zone. Thus, no javascript, no cookies, etc. Very simple, easy solution.
IE:Internet Options; Security tab; click Restricted globe; click Sites...
enter sites like:

Works great.


Posted by wally at 01/23/08 21:15:11

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